"Quality, precision, attention to detail and passion. These are characteristics that identify our shoes."
For more than 50 years, we realize with much passion our ideas and especially the dreams of all our customers.
In 1966, Angelo Zoccarato , in a small workshop with a few employees, he created the trademark Zocal . His idea was to create a comfortable shoe that simultaneously was of high quality, value and style.
After a few years, the small workshop became a company of the famous footwear district of Riviera del Brenta , producing their own line and other emerging brands of the time .
Our goal is to satisfy our customer, the loyal woman who chooses a Zocal shoe, the designer who comes to us with his first designs to be achieved.
From the 90 today our brand has spread worldwide. From Europe to the United States, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, from Australia to China, our shoes are a valid witness to the Made in Italy in the world.
The experiments started on our models become an integral part of our Know-How , which set in motion new projects like our line VHluxury - Viola Hudson , fashion footwear intended to modern women attentive to detail.
support and help designers to develop their projects, accompanying them during all stages of the shoe, from the choice of materials, components, up to the realization of the first prototype. Today the company is carried on by his sons, and with a spirit of innovation have opened the door to luxury brands, and contemporary brands to private labels.